The Gold-Standard for Restoration

Xactimate estimates are the gold-standard in estimate writing for property insurance claims in the U.S. and Canada. In fact, 80% of all property claims are estimated in Xactimate.

Despite their market dominance, Xactimate has a steep learning curve. It requires a lot of time, training, and expertise to write an Xactimate estimate effectively.

Mitigation and Restoration Contractors Should Choose Xactimate EstimatesIf you choose to write insurance estimates in an estimating program other than Xactimate, the consequences can be costly: You will likely leave money on the table.

To leverage the power of Xactimate estimates, you need to hire an estimator familiar with the nuances of the Xactimate estimating program.

Otherwise, the insurance company will likely keep money in their coffers that should have been in your pocket.

Trusted Xactimate Estimating Experience

Choosing Empire Estimators means gaining the added confidence of knowing you have the experienced, professional remote Xactimate estimate writing services team you need. We help  our clients estimate claims quickly and accurately without leaving money on the table.

All estimate orders are written by our staff of experienced Xactimate estimators. Our estimators come from years of experience and a diversity of roles within the insurance restoration industry including insurance, construction, and restoration. We have the talent you need to get the job estimated quickly and accurately.

Members of our Xactimate estimate writing team hold a variety of industry certifications including the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC), the Restoration Industry Association (RIA), the HAAG commercial and residential roof inspector program, and more.

Many of our Xactimate estimators also hold Certifications with property insurance carriers such as National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)State FarmUSAANationwide,

Xactimate Estimating Services Offered

Xactimate Estimating Services
Improve “cycle” times and reduce costly omissions. We will review each damage scope carefully for costly omissions to help you create more accurate, more consistent, and more profitable Xactimate estimates. Turnaround ranges from 24-48 hours.

Invoicing Services
Improve cash flow and reduce collection times. We will write your Xactimate invoice, you approve the invoice, then we submit the invoice to the insurance company and follow-up with the adjuster to help you get paid faster. Most invoices are settled within 7-10 business days.

Supplement Services
Get approvals quickly and maximum the value fo your services so you can continue rebuilding without the constant back-and-forth with adjusters. Most supplements are approved within 7-10 business days. We will write the supplement, you approve the supplement, then we submit the supplement to the insurance adjuster, and then follow-up on your behalf until it is approved.

Earn More with Our Xactimate Estimate Writing Service.

Our clients routinely experience 5% to 15% increases in earnings on the Xactimate estimates we write.

Increases may be even larger for many estimates, depending on where you are when you begin working with us.

Earning more is not only about billing correctly for your services, but it is also about increasing your productivity.

Our clients also spend 80% less time on Xactimate estimate writing, which gives you more time to close sales and market your business.

Trust & Reliability: Our Xactimate Estimate Writing Team

We Have Experience You Can Count On.

Our Xactimate estimates and invoices will help you achieve greater earnings on insurance jobs and less haggling with adjusters over pricing.

Our Xactimate estimate writing team comes from a diversity of roles in the restoration and adjustment businesses.

We have experience working with various insurance carriers estimating all damage types from small water damage claims to catastrophic total losses from fire, flood, wind, and more.

Many of our Xactimate estimate writers have various certifications through NFIP, IICRC, and HAAG.

Many also have certifications with State Farm, USAA, Nationwide, Metlife, Citizens, Liberty Mutual, and Allstate, for example.

From small jobs to large losses, we have an Empire Estimator who will handle your Xactimate estimate writing with precision and detail, and check your scope for costly omissions.

We even have custom scope sheets which are designed to make scopes easier, less time consuming, and more accurate.

 Save Time On Your Xactimate Estimates

Start reducing your estimate and invoice turnaround time right now. Our whole estimate ordering process should take less than 5 minutes.

Save Time On Your Xactimate EstimatesYou can even order up to 3 Xactimate estimates or invoices at once.

If you need us to rush your order, expedited 1-business day Xactimate estimate writing service is available.

We will help you spend less time on tasks that you can outsource, so you can invest more in your company.

Many smaller estimating companies or local estimators easily get backlogged when you need them most. We have a team of estimators large enough to handle volume and not get slowed down.

Our team of professional Xactimate estimate writers will write your Xactimate estimate or invoice with the same great detail and turnaround time whether you need 1 estimate or 100 estimates.

The Empire Estimators Difference

Our system is user-friendly and intuitive for ordering and managing your estimates. We are also transparent. Put your deposit down and we will invoice you for the remaining balance once you approve your estimate.

We also provide exceptional:

  • Customer Support: Same day responses & live chat.
  • Data Security: The best internet and data security on the market that is both HIPPA and PCI compliant.
  • Guaranteed Turnaround: Two guaranteed turnaround options to ensure you get your estimate when you need it.

Client Testimonials

Our Xactimate Estimate Writing Process

Xactimate Estimate Writing Process

When you place an order for an Xactimate estimate, you will send us your scope notes with measurements and diagram. Your Xactimate estimate will be written to your specifications.

Once the estimate is written you will receive an email indicated that the estimate is ready for your review.

When your review is complete and any revisions are made, you will approve the Xactimate estimate and pay the final bill (if applicable).

Xactimate Estimate Writing Examples

Condo Xactimate Estimate ExampleRoof Xactimate Estimate Cover

Commercial Xactimate Estimate Cover Water Mitigation Xactimate Estimate Cover

Fire Xactimate Estimate Example Cover Asbestos Abatement Xactimate Estimate Cover

 We Write Xactimate Estimates For:

Water Damage

Fire Damage

Wind Damage

Smoke Damage

Mold Damage

Hail Damage

Siding Damage

Roof Damage

















And More

With Our Xactimate Estimates, Pricing Is Available For Every Zip Code In The United States!

Xactimate Estimate Pricing

for Contractors, Public Adjusters & Homeowners

All of our Xactimate estimates include:

Scope Review & Consultation

Company Header

Company Logo

Pricing by Zip Code

Overhead & Profit


Roof Diagram (if applicable)

Building Diagram (if applicable)

Unlimited Line Items

Window Openings

Door Openings


Specialty Items

Unlimited Revisions

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Important: The amount paid at checkout is only a deposit.

When the review is completed and/or any requested revisions are completed, you will approve the Xactimate estimate and receive the final invoice (if applicable).

If you need to keep the estimate open for some additional time (adjuster review, client review, etc.) you are required to communicate this information to us once you approve the estimate.

The aforementioned information must be communicated to Empire Estimators within one week after you receive the estimate.

If we do not receive any communication with one-week, we will assume the estimate is approved as written and we will invoice you based upon the estimated value of the most recent version of your estimate.

Once the estimate is approved, we will charge your card for the difference between the deposit and the final invoice.

Payment Method for Xactimate EstimatesPayment Methods for Xactimate Estimates

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I write Xactimate Estimates or Invoices?

If you are in the restoration industry, you need to write your estimates or invoices in Xactimate for the following reasons:

Insurance companies and their adjusters use Xactimate for both residential and commercial claims. They trust Xactimate estimates for pricing accuracy.

You can earn more for jobs if you use Xactimate since the pricing is generally trusted by insurance professionals.

Many contractors lose money because they do not provide Xactimate estimates or invoices to adjusters. You don’t want to be one of them.

A skilled Xactimate estimator knows the nuances of Xactimate that will help you generate maximum earnings for your jobs.

Q: How do I order Xactimate Estimates or Invoices from Empire Estimators?

Step 1:  Scope the job using our form or your own forms or paper.

Step 2:  Scan your scope notes and save them as a PDF. (If you prefer to fax the documents, you may fax the documents after placing an estimate or invoice order to 877-550-2536.)

Step 3: Upload your scope notes to our online order form. You may also upload photos and/or any other documentation including estimates from contractors or adjusters.

Step 4: Place your estimate or invoice order with a deposit (down payment) based on the expected amount of the estimate or invoice. Choose between standard (2-business day) or expedited service (24-hours).

Step 5: We write the Xactimate estimate or invoice and send it to you for review. You will receive an email notification that your Xactimate estimate or invoice is ready. You will also receive login information to our secure database, where you will find all your Xactimate estimate orders and invoices.

Step 6: You review the estimate draft. If any changes are needed, you can send our Xactimate estimator a message through the database to request changes until the estimate is written to your specifications. Once this happens, you will “approve” the estimate in our database.

Step 7: Once the estimate is approved, we will send you the final invoice. Once you pay the difference between your deposit and the final estimate or invoice amount, you will receive the final estimate or invoice without a watermark.

Q: Will I receive the Xactimate Estimate ESX?

Yes. Once the final invoice is paid, you will be provided with the Xactimate Estimate ESX.

Q: Will Empire Estimators review my scope for potential omissions?

Our estimator will dedicate up to 1-hour to review your scope for omissions and/or consult with you to develop your scope.  After 1-hour of free consulting, you will be billed our consulting rate for the additional time. You will be notified before said billing commences.

Q: How do I pay an invoice for an estimate?

Please visit to enter your invoice number and pay your invoice.

Q: Can Empire Estimators write my Xactimate estimates with my company letterhead/logo?

Yes. When you place the estimate order, attach your company logo to the order form. Your company’s logo will be placed on your Xactimate estimate.

Q: What are scope notes?

A scope is a detailed breakdown of the work needed and activities required to complete a job.

A scope will include a drawing with measurements, individual identification of the work to be performed, and quantities of materials or labor.

Scope notes can be written on scope sheets, your own paper, or submitted digitally.

Q: How do I send Empire Estimators my scope notes?

The easiest way is to scan your scope notes and save them as a PDF. You can then upload the Scope Notes PDF into our estimate order form.

If it is easier for you to fax the scope notes, you may fax them to us at 877-550-2526 after you place your estimate order. You should place your order confirmation number on the fax so we can identify it with the proper project when it arrives. You may also email us your scope notes after you place an order at