Professional Xactimate Estimating

Please inquire for current Empire Club Membership offers and non-member pricing.

Member Pricing


  • 1% of Estimated Amount ($50 Min.)
  • Next Day Turnaround
  • Same Day Available Upon Request
  • Enterprise Rates

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Additional Billing Details

The amount paid at checkout is only a deposit.

When the review is completed and/or any requested revisions are completed, you will approve the Xactimate estimate and receive the final invoice (if applicable).

If you need to keep the estimate open for additional time (adjuster review, client review, etc.) you are required to communicate this information to us once you approve the estimate.

The aforementioned information must be communicated to Empire Estimators within one week after you receive the estimate.

If we do not receive any communication with one-week, we will assume the estimate is approved as written and we will invoice you based upon the estimated value of the most recent version of your estimate.

Once the estimate is approved, we will charge your card for the difference between the deposit and the final invoice.

If the estimate exceeds $25,000, an additional deposit will be required and will be invoiced separately after you place the order.

We reserve the right to require a 2/3 payment for any estimate written before its release.

If a project that we estimate “doesn’t get sold” by the client, the applicable member/non-member hourly rate may be used at our sole discretion for billing purposes.

*Empire Credits only apply to deposits.