Professional Xactimate Estimates That Will Help You Save Time And Earn More On Insurance Restoration Projects.

A Xactimate estimate example of the “Empire Style” is shown below.

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Introducing the “Empire Style” of Xactimate Estimating!

When you order a Xactimate estimate from us, you’ll receive a  professionally written Xactimate estimate drafted in the “Empire Style.” We developed the “Empire Style” in order to communicate the complexities and detail of a Xactimate estimate in a simple, straightforward, and effective format. The “Empire Style” makes the Xactimate estimate easy to read, review, and understand. It details the loss clearly and professionally, which makes it easier to communicate the loss with adjusters.

When you present one of our Xactimate estimates to an adjuster, the estimate will instantly communicate your professionalism. It will tell them that you are smart, organized, experienced, and should be taken seriously, all of which will ultimately help you save time, win more approvals, and maximize your earnings on insurance restoration projects.

View an example estimate below.

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Example Xactimate Estimate

Water Mitigation

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More Xactimate Estimate Examples

All Xactimate estimates shown were drafted by our team of Xactimate estimators according to client guidelines and returned to our clients within 24-hours.