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A Xactimate estimator is an expert in the insurance restoration field. They have years of experience and have served several roles in the insurance restoration industry. Usually, these estimators are located in strategic regions throughout the U.S. to ensure clients receive service, regardless of where they are.

Estimators can provide service for losses of all sizes and types. The role of the estimator is to use the complex Xactimate software to ensure accurate and reliable documents are created.


Benefits of Using Xactimate Estimators

When hiring a professional Xactimate estimator, clients will receive their Xactimate estimate within a designated timeframe. The Xactimate estimate provided will be easy to read and to understand. The goal is to help ensure approvals from adjusters come fast and easy, which means you can spend less time having to argue with adjusters and more time doing the things you need to.


Why Using Xactimate Estimators Is a Smart Move

If you work in the restoration industry, it is necessary to use a program like Xactimate to write your invoices or estimates. However, if you have never used this program, learning it can be challenging. This is when Xactimate estimator services come in.

Keep in mind, using Xactimate is essential because more than 80% of individuals in the insurance restoration industry are using this tool. In fact, adjusters use Xactimate for both commercial and residential claims. This tool is used for things like pricing accuracy (thanks to real-time price adjustments), and it serves as a baseline for all types of claim negotiations.

By using a professional Xactimate estimator, you can alleviate the stress and hassle of learning the program while still feeling confident that you get the most money possible for jobs. This is something that is guaranteed by most Xactimate estimators who are writing your estimate.


Process and Project Customization

Before getting started with any new client, the Xactimate estimator hired will review the scope’s project. The Xactimate estimator will discuss any questions with you (the client), so they fully understand the scope of what is being done and the end goal. Based on the client’s needs, the Xactimate estimator can write more conservatively or aggressively.

Clients need to set aside time to work with the Xactimate estimator to ensure the scope of the project is fully understood. Most Xactimate estimators provide a consultation period to ensure that the right process is used for the project in question.

The scope should include a complete, accurate, and detailed breakdown of the work needed and the activities necessary to handle the job. The scope will include the measurements of all types of affected areas. The scope will typically include 3D documentation or photos, too, which support the other documents.


Hire the Professionals for the Best Results

Hiring a qualified and experienced Xactimate estimator to handle the Xactimate estimate is one of the smartest things you can do. Keep the information here in mind to see why this is a smart move and why it will help you earn the most profits from the project you are handling.


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