The Empire System™

How Our Xactimate Estimating Service Works

The Empire System™ is our proven Xactimate estimating system that will get your Xactimate estimates written quickly and accurately, so you can eliminate Xactimate estimating bottlenecks and grow your restoration business — Guaranteed.

Get an Xactimate estimate written in three simple steps.

Step 1

Get the measurements, scope of work, and document the loss.

Scope the loss on plain paper, graph paper, or our Xactimate Scope Sheets. You can type the scope out if you prefer. When you’re at the loss, take detailed photographs of all the affected areas. If you use the Matterport 3D Camera, take before and after scans.

Step 2

Place an order and send us the scope information.

You can send us all the basic scope information for the project through our order form. If you have additional documentation to send us, you can email it to us after you place the order (just remember to put the order number in the subject line).

Step 3

Sit back and relax.

We provide restoration contractors with world-class Xactimate estimating and insurance restoration expertise.

Our Xactimate Estimators are experts in insurance restoration. They come from years of experience and a diversity of roles within the insurance restoration industry.

Our team is located strategically across the United States to provide our clients with nationwide Xactimate estimating expertise for all loss types and sizes.

You will receive the first draft of your Xactimate estimate within the promised time frame.

If revisions are needed, we will make them promptly at no additional cost.

Why Our Xactimate Estimates Will Make You More Money

You will receive an Xactimate Estimate written in The Empire Style™

The Empire Style™ is a specialized format our Xactimate estimating team developed to provide our clients with beautifully formatted and detailed Xactimate estimates that speak for themselves.

Our Xactimate Estimates are incredibly easy to read and understand. This will help you win approvals quickly, so you can spend less time arguing with adjusters, and more time doing what you love.

And of course, we’ll add in all the Xactimate line items to maximize your estimate.

An example of the The Empire Style™

We are happy to accommodate your specific formatting requests. If you have any, please let us know.

The Empire Guarantee™

Satisfaction guaranteed.

Every Xactimate Estimate comes with unlimited revisions and we will never bill you based on an amount greater than what you collect.

*Please see our Pricing Page for current rate and pricing information.

Client Testimonials

“Ryan has been amazing. As an experienced estimator myself I came to this company because of a project that exceeded my skill. Ryan not only promptly assisted but provided such stellar service the estimate was above reproach. The professionalism and results warrant 6 stars, if that were an option.”

-Ali from Florida
 “I highly recommend Empire Estimators. I’ve used them for Xactimate estimating several large loss projects and their estimators have always delivered. Thank you for being a great asset to my business!”
-Joseph from New York

“When this business gets really tough, or an expert is the only way, I can always count on Empire to hit the homerun.”

-Kristi from California

“Helping my business like crazy, thanks for the support. Ryan is a rockstar, accurate, sharp and good people.”

-Aron from New Jersey

“I purchased an estimate from them that came in several thousand over the adjuster report and is in the process of approval. The adjuster said that only one item is in question and is a code verification issue. I am amazed at the speed at which EE processed my estimate and have started my second claim with them. Thank you for being a great asset to our company!!”

-DeWayne from Washington State

“Incredibly Fast & Great work” From day one Empire Estimators were immediately on the estimate. They made a lucrative job for us and in only ONE DAY!  This is a no-brainer, I will use Empire Estimators from now on.”

-Rob from Oregon

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions About Our Xactimate Estimating Services

Q: Why should I write Xactimate Estimates?

If you are in the restoration industry, you need to write your estimates or invoices in Xactimate for several reasons. 80% of the insurance restoration industry uses Xactimate. Insurance Adjusters use Xactimate for residential and commercial claims. Adjusters trust Xactimate estimates for pricing accuracy and they use it as a baseline in all claim negotiations.

If you use Xactimate, you can earn more for jobs and maximize your profits if you have an expert Xactimate estimators writing your estimates. 

Q: Will I receive the Xactimate ESX?


Q: Will Empire Estimators review my scope before writing the Xactimate estimate?

Your Xactimate Estimator will always review your scope before writing the estimate. We will discuss questions with you so that we completely understand the project and what you are looking to achieve. We can write aggressively, or more conservatively depending upon your preferences.

dedicate up to 1-hour to review your scope for omissions and/or consult with you to develop your scope.  After 1-hour of free consulting, you will be billed our consulting rate for the additional time. You will be notified before said billing commences.

Q: Will you put my logo and letterhead on the Xactimate Estimate?


Q: What are scope notes?

A scope is a detailed breakdown of the work needed and activities required to complete a job. A scope will include measurements of all affected areas. 

A scope should also contain photos and/or 3D documentation to support the scope. 

Q: How do I send Empire Estimators my scope notes?

The easiest way is to scan your scope notes and save them as a PDF. You can then upload the Scope Notes PDF into our estimate order form. You can also email or fax us the scope information.