By: McKinley McNair On: August 24, 2015 In: Blog Comments: 0

It seems that everyone agrees: Xactimate macros are great.

Here are three cautions you should consider when using macros:

  1. Xactimate macros are general templates. they can be wonderful if a loss fits in exactly with your template. But honestly how often is that the case? Seldom, if ever. The time you spend manipulating a macro to fit a particular loss may result in more time spent on the estimate than if it had been written line by line.
  1. The convenience of macros creates the tendency to overlook particulars in an estimate that should be taken into account. Thus, an over-reliance on macros may result in more mistakes since less care is being taken on an estimate.
  1. If in the back of your mind, you know you are going to use a macro when scoping a loss, it increases the likelihood that items will be neglected during your scope that should be taken into account.

The Takeaway: Xactimate macros can help, but they can also cost you money. Act accordingly.

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