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“How much will it cost?”


This is a question that you often hear from people when they call a licensed professional to fix something on their property. But you might also hear it back at the main office, too, as contractors ask themselves – how much do I bid for this project?


As soon as someone makes a call about a repair issue, the clock starts ticking. Maybe the customer calls three or four companies to get bids. In that case, those bids need to be entirely accurate and effective in order to help the shop to get the work.


There are also insurance companies and their input to fold into the equation. The value of a job is starting to get very important, and precision is key in competing in today’s property improvement industry.


Estimating A Range of Jobs


At Empire Estimators, we can help a contracting company to streamline its operations, improve its workflows and grow its customer base. We know that the competition is intense – that’s partly why we set up this system of Xactimate estimate assistance


We help with fire and smoke damage, mold, wind and water damage and much more. Like mold, smoke damage can be hard to quantify in terms of effects. It’s not as simple as just saying you’re replacing a part on an appliance. Bidding becomes ever more complicated. Maybe a job has multiple aspects, too, in which case the bidding gets more intricate.


That’s why we don’t just do things the old way. We have innovated bidding to keep up with the times. You should, too.


Tested Tools


Our Xactimate system will help your contracting company to be ahead of the game when it comes to estimates and bidding on projects. You’ll see directly how this superior technique and method brings in work and expands a company’s profit base for every team and truck it owns.


In terms of legwork and logistics, the process of going through a building, documenting all of the damage or repair needs, and attaching dollar signs to them is a laborious process in many cases. Having a skilled and experienced partner to help pinpoint the value of services provides a lot of a boost for contracting firms that might otherwise have trouble making their bids the most competitive that they can be. Along with having a good core business, (having the right trucks, tools and people,) having the ability to estimate well can springboard your company to greater success in 2021 and beyond.


We meet standards like NFIP and IICRC. Contact us to get help estimating – and win!



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