Fast & Accurate Xactimate Estimating.

“Every restoration contractor should have access to Xactimate estimators who can quickly write accurate Xactimate estimates for restoration projects of all scopes and sizes, legitimately, and with the highest degree of professionalism.”

Are you tired of:

Getting behind with Xactimate estimate writing?

Leaving money on the table?

Spending too much time estimating?

Recruiting Xactimate estimators?

Managing slow, unproductive freelancers?

We Can Help.

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Estimating Services Offered

Empire Estimators can be your virtual estimator or virtual estimating department, depending upon your estimating needs. We understand that each restoration company is different, therefore we can adapt our services to fit your unique business needs.

Xactimate Estimating

Send us your scope, diagram, measurements, and any other relevant documentation.

You will receive your Xactimate estimate in as soon as 24-hours. This service will help you get estimates written more quickly, which will improve your “cycle” times.

We will also review each damage scope carefully so you don’t lose money on costly omissions. Use our Xactimate estimating service to create more accurate, more consistent, and more profitable Xactimate estimates.

Also, any revisions are included.

Xactimate Estimating and Billing/Invoicing Service

Improve cash flow and reduce collection times. Most invoices are settled within 7-10 business days.

Our experienced estimators will write your Xactimate invoice and communicate with the insurance company so you don’t have to.

Once we write the Xactimate invoice, you approve the invoice, then we submit the invoice to the adjuster.

We’ll follow-up everyday to help you get paid faster.

Xactimate Supplement and Approval Service

Our estimators will help you get approvals quickly and for maximum value so you can continue rebuilding without the constant back-and-forth.

You send us the scope and other documentation, we write the supplement, you approve the supplement, then we submit the supplement to the insurance adjuster.

Most supplements are approved within 7-10 business days.

Once the adjuster has the supplement, we will follow-up on your behalf everyday until the supplement is approved.

We’ll also research building codes to ensure that you are not leaving money on the table.