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At Empire Estimators, we provide an innovative new path forward for restoration companies that need to grow and expand their businesses without a lot of growing pains.

We know what these companies are facing, and our experience in the industry has led us to develop the “Empire Style” – and a winning format for estimating and invoicing that can change the game for a busy restoration business.

Conquering Bottlenecks

“If I could save time in a bottle,” croons Jim Croce – as if it was just a pipe dream. In today’s world, though, businesses are always looking at how to erase bottlenecks and thus, increase efficiencies. 

Seriously, though … wherever your bottlenecks are, that’s where your limitations are going to be in terms of success.

We know that in many cases, restoration businesses experience these bottlenecks in the estimating process. Paperwork piles up – because it takes so much specific effort to catalog and estimate every detail of an average restoration job, backups in paperwork create problems in the field and eventually lead to dramatic slowdowns, or even worse, problems like runaway turnover and low morale. 

By focusing your attention on this important and potentially problematic aspect of maintaining your business, you start to optimize the workflows that will drive your business to the next level!

A Range of Job Types

Some of the types of estimates that Empire Estimators provides help with include the following:

  • Fire damage
  • Smoke damage
  • Water damage
  • Theft
  • Earthquake an explosion
  • Lightning

That’s just a partial list!

One of the truisms of this industry is that restoration firms deal with a surprisingly wide spectrum of loss events, and have to address these with different strategic operations. Our Xactimate estimates lay this out in great detail with the type of precision and detail that you need to get results.

A Big Loss?

Many restoration firms live in fear of what you might call the “100-year project” – the extremely large or complicated loss project where estimating becomes very difficult for some firms. Our Xactimate estimating system makes these jobs easy, and allows you to move forward without unnecessary roadblocks.

Scaling the Business Well

At the end of the day, having Empire Estimators as your Xactimate estimating partner will help you scale your business. Our Xactimate estimate writing process takes a lot of time and effort out of each job, so that your company can focus on core operations – on taking on more clients, on deploying more teams, and on better visibility and advertising to become more integrated into the communities that it serves.

Ask us what we can do for you!

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