By: McKinley McNair On: August 03, 2015 In: Blog Comments: 0

1. Contents manipulation. This can range from $50 per room to hundred of dollars depending on the circumstance. Don’t forget to add this to all your estimates. It can really add up before you realize it. We receive many scope notes from contractors who do not account for contents manipulation.

2. Detaching and resetting light fixtures, fans, vent covers, blinds, etc. when painting or other activities. You need to ensure these items are accounted for in every estimate you write.

3. Masking and taping. When sealing and painting, Xactimate does not provide for masking, taping or covering with plastic or paper. Keep this in mind when scoping losses to avoid leaving money on the table.

4. Be specific with the type of baseboards, moldings, casings, etc. including measurements and material. Too often contractors simple state remove and replace baseboard without specifying the size of baseboard, which affects the pricing for the baseboard as well as for painting the baseboard. If these items are not accounted for accurately, you can leave money on the table.

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