By: McKinley McNair On: August 17, 2015 In: Blog Comments: 0

1. Account for each and every activity that you are performing on a job. Xactimate is full of seemingly small incidentals that — in the aggregate — can increase the amount of revenue you can generate on a job tremendously.

2. Always update your pricelists. Pricelists change from month-to-month. You should update them because in many cases you will have an increase in the cost of certain activities. The price is usually a small different from month-to-month but can be a substantial sum if added up over time.

3. If you are at a loss site with a complex floor plan that is very difficult to draw, draw each room one-by-one. You can either make adjustments to the sketch when typing up the estimate or you can leave the rooms separate.  Either way, it will not affect the price of the estimate. Just do not forget wall openings.

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