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If you are not already using this software, you are losing. The cost is very low and it will ensure you can access your documents anywhere: laptop, phone, pc, and so on.

It secondly acts as a de facto “backup” of your documents. Since, if your computer crashes, your data will remain on their servers. It is a great place to store your old Xactimate ESX files.


Do you take notes during your business day? Ever leave one of those notes at the office but you realize later you need it when you are not in the office? Evernote resolves this issue. Once you enter a note into Evernote, the note is synced across your devices so you can easily access it and even edit it on the go.


There is always something to do. Wunderlist helps you keep all these “to-do’s” in order, and synced across multiple devices. This is extremely helpful when you’re out of the office but you still need to stay on top of things.

The Wunderlinst to-do’s can even integrate with your calendar (mac and google supported) so you can have everything in one place.

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