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In the world of insurance, using a contractor that utilizes Xactimate software is most likely your best bet. Using a Xactimate estimate is mostly applicable for water, fire, and smoke damage. This unique software that all insurance companies use to assess home renovation and repair costs.

The Best Estimators Use Xactimate

The most experienced and best in field estimators use xactimate. It’s an all-in-one product that is easy to navigate and produces results. When a homeowner hires a contractor that utilizes Xactimate, it will be much less stressful to work with someone that uses the same software because there won’t be any inconsistencies in price. Having both the contractor and the insurance company using Xactimate on the estimate will help the claim process much faster because there is continuity between the universal software between the contractor’s prices and the insurance adjuster’s calculations right down to the exact dollar. It’s not an accident that it’s called Xactimate.

Best in Class

A contractor that uses Xactimate will immediately be able to lay out a very detailed report on the job’s extent while minimizing your home losses. The contractor will have the experience to handle the scope of the job. Direct to customer billing is a courtesy to customers. When the contracted work’s finished, the contractor will finalize an A-to-Z report of work completed at your residence or property and send it over to your insurance carrier. While using Xactimate, providing an estimate to a plan is as easy as assembling loss information, sketching a diagram of the structure, refining the related project costs, checking to make sure the estimate is accurate, and finalizing the submitted work to the insurance company.

How is the Price Calculated?

Insurance carriers, adjusters, contractors, and those in the legal profession all use Xactimate to determine the price. Since all of the different departments agree to the xactimates pricing, the estimate’s difference is amassed in items of steps included or not included. The price of insurance is very highly regulated with the use of Xactimate. If two different contractors have different pricing, it’s likely because one contractor is not itemizing lines, labor, or materials the other contractor is. Because Xactimate sets the price, the only way that quotes could be different is when lines are added or left out. Contractors will define what works needs to be done for the insurance company to pay or approve.

Get an Estimate

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