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It does not matter if you are a claims adjuster, an insurance carrier, a property owner, or a restoration company, Matterport can help ensure the most transparent, accurate, and fair valuations and documentation for a claim. When combined with Xactimate estimate writing, it is possible to have all the details and information needed to create the perfect and most accurate estimate. 

The 3D platform offered by Matterport provides the documentation needed to ensure the Xactimate estimates are accurate and on-point. There are several ways that these technologies work together. Keep reading to learn more. 

1. Benefits for Restoration Professionals 

When Matterport and Xactimate are used, several benefits are offered to restoration professionals. These include:

  • Grow top-line revenue
  • Receive auto-generated Xactimate Sketch files
  • Remote estimating
  • Speed up the claim approval process
  • Reduce breakage claims
  • Improve the quality of repairs
  • Eliminate the need for repeat property visits

2. Benefits for Insurance Carriers 

With Matterport and Xactimate, insurance carriers benefit, too. It helps to ensure high levels of accuracy in claims processing, the reduction of discrepancies, and the travel times needed to verify a job. Other benefits include:

  • Boost adjusting quality
  • Increase operational transparency
  • Adjust remotely
  • Improve accuracy
  • Improve CAT event response
  • Educate and train remotely 

3. Benefits for Insurance Adjusters 

The 3D data platform offered by Matterport helps to generate walkthroughs and other assets to help you save time and get fair settlement amounts. Other benefits for insurance adjusters include:

  • Create documentation that is admissible in court
  • Adjust jobs from a remote location
  • Reduce total sketch time by 70%
  • Use 3D walkthroughs to bring the jury to the scene
  • Improve negotiations for clients thanks to detailed documentation

4. Benefits for Forensics Professionals 

With Matterport and Xactimate, it is possible to capture a space or building just as it is and gather the most accurate measurements and documentation possible. The technology can also provide indisputable evidence, all while reducing interruptions to any restoration work needed. Other benefits include:

  • Create court-admissible documents using scans that can’t be changed
  • Avoid scene spoilage
  • Provide 3D walkthroughs
  • Guarantee authenticity and confidentiality with time stamps and face blurring
  • Increase collaboration

5. Benefits of Business and Homeowners 

As a business and homeowner, you can benefit from Matterport and Xactimate used together. Some of the specific benefits offered to you include:

  • Accurate inventorying of personal items or other assets
  • Create a complete record of the condition of the property
  • Reduce the likelihood of disputes and discrepancies with insurance carriers
  • Expedite the whole claims process to reduce the need for receipts or documentation 

Experience the Benefits Offered by Matterport and Xactimate 

When it comes to the benefits offered by combining Matterport and Xactimate, they are vast. They are also available for an array of people and professionals. If you are interested in using these tools but are unsure how to get started, it is a good idea to reach out to the professionals. They can help guide you in the right direction and ensure you take advantage of all the features offered.

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