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Estimating Service Overview

Our Xactimate estimating service will help you improve estimate “turnaround” times and reduce costly omissions. In addition, you will improve your cash flow by reducing average collection times.

1. Send us the job information through our order form. We will review each damage scope carefully for costly omissions to help you create more accurate, more consistent, and more profitable Xactimate estimates.  You can choose your desired turnaround option before you checkout (Expedited 1-Day or Standard 1-2 Day). When you place an order, you will put a deposit down that will count toward your estimate.

2. One of our Estimators will write the Xactimate estimate. If there is a need to discuss the Xactimate estimating project, our estimator will reach out via email or phone to discuss. We are available at all times to answer your questions and we’ll work with you to get your Xactimate estimate exactly how you want it (including any revisions).

3. You “approve” the estimate and we invoice you for the balance (if applicable). Once the estimate is approved, we will provide you with the ESX file. Payment for invoices is due “upon receipt.” We may require at our discretion “in-progress” payment for larger estimating projects.

What’s needed to get started:

  • The Scope of Work, Measurements, and Diagram
  • Digital Photos (Optional)
  • Other Relevant Documention (Optional)

Negotiation Service (Full-Service Only)

After you “approve” our estimate, we’ll submit the estimate – on your behalf – to the insurer and follow-up to get a quick approval. If negotiation is needed to reach an “agreed” on your service invoice, we’ll justify your charges and negotiate on your behalf within the limits you set forth.

If you would like for us to negotiate the project on your behalf, choose “Full Service Supplement or Invoicing Service” from the services page. When using “Full Service,” your estimate is automatically upgraded to “Expedited Turnaround,” which means you will have the first draft ready for review within 1-business day.

Once you approve the estimate, we’ll submit the estimate to the insurer and follow-up every day – up to 3-times daily – to get your estimate approved within 7-10 business days.

Increase Productivity

Reduce "Cycle Times"

Trusted Estimating Experience

Choosing Empire Estimators means gaining the added confidence of knowing you have the experienced, professional remote Xactimate estimate writing services team you need. We help our clients estimate claims quickly and accurately without leaving money on the table.

All estimate orders are written by our staff of experienced Xactimate estimators who come from years of experience and a diversity of roles on both sides of the insurance restoration industry.

Our Xactimate estimators hold a variety of industry certifications from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC), the Restoration Industry Association (RIA), the HAAG commercial and residential roof inspector program, and more. Many also hold Certifications or have worked closely with major insurance carriers such as the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)State FarmUSAANationwide, and more.

We Write Xactimate Estimates for All Damage Types, Including: 

Water Damage

Fire Damage

Wind Damage

Smoke Damage

Mold Damage

Hail Damage

Siding Damage

Roof Damage

















Pricing Is Available For Every Zip Code In The United States!

Increase Job Profitability

We will review each damage scope carefully for costly omissions to help you create more accurate, more consistent, and more profitable Xactimate estimates.

Our clients routinely experience 5% to 15% increases in earnings with our Xactimate estimates. Larger earnings increases are not uncommon. It could depends upon where you are when you begin working with us.

Earning more is not only about billing correctly for your services, but it is also about increasing your productivity, which increases your capacity so you have more time to close sales and market your business.

Save Time On Paperwork

We help our clients reduce their paperwork load by as much as 80% by streamlining the estimating and invoicing process.

Many smaller estimating companies or local estimators easily get backlogged when you need them most. We have a large enough team of estimators  to handle volume and not get slowed down.

Our team of professional Xactimate estimate writers will write your Xactimate estimate and invoice with the same great detail and turnaround time whether you need 1 estimate or 100 estimates.

Client Testimonials

“Ryan has been amazing. As an experienced estimator myself I came to this company because of a project that exceeded my skill. Ryan not only promptly assisted but provided such stellar service the estimate was above reproach. The professionalism and results warrant 6 stars, if that were an option.”

-Ali from Florida
 “I highly recommend Empire Estimators. I’ve used them for Xactimate estimating several large loss projects and their estimators have always delivered. Thank you for being a great asset to my business!”
-Joseph from New York

“When this business gets really tough, or an expert is the only way, I can always count on Empire to hit the homerun.”

-Kristi from California

“Helping my business like crazy, thanks for the support. Ryan is a rockstar, accurate, sharp and good people.”

-Aron from New Jersey

“I purchased an estimate from them that came in several thousand over the adjuster report and is in the process of approval. The adjuster said that only one item is in question and is a code verification issue. I am amazed at the speed at which EE processed my estimate and have started my second claim with them. Thank you for being a great asset to our company!!”

-DeWayne from Washington State

“Incredibly Fast & Great work” From day one Empire Estimators were immediately on the estimate. They made a lucrative job for us and in only ONE DAY!  This is a no-brainer, I will use Empire Estimators from now on.”

-Rob from Oregon

The Gold Standard for Restoration Estimating

% of Property Claims

Xactimate estimates are the gold-standard in estimate writing for property insurance claims in the U.S. and Canada. In fact, 80% of all property claims are estimated in Xactimate.

Despite their market dominance, Xactimate has a steep learning curve. It requires a lot of time, training, and expertise to write an Xactimate estimate effectively. If you are not using an estimator familiar with the nuances of the Xactimate estimating program, you are likely leaving a ton of money on the table.

The Empire Estimators Difference

Our system is user-friendly and intuitive for ordering and managing your estimates. We are also transparent. Put your deposit down and we will invoice you for the remaining balance once you approve your estimate.

We also provide exceptional:

  • Customer Support: Same day responses & live chat.
  • Data Security: The best internet and data security on the market that is both HIPPA and PCI compliant.
  • Guaranteed Turnaround: Two guaranteed turnaround options to ensure you get your estimate when you need it.

Our Xactimate Estimate Writing Services Include:

Scope Review & Consultation

Company Header

Company Logo

Pricing by Zip Code

Overhead & Profit


Roof Diagram (if applicable)

Building Diagram (if applicable)

Unlimited Line Items

Window Opening

Door Openings


Specialty Items

Unlimited Revisions

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions About Our Xactimate Estimating Services

Q: Is there a charge for revisions?

No. Revisions are included at no additional charge.

Q: What is your normal turnaround time?

Our standard turnaround is the next business day. For large, complex estimates, the time could be longer. If you have a large loss, please contact our estimating team for an expected turnaround time.

Q: Can you write from Matterport scans?


Q: Can you write from Scope Sheets?

Yes. You can use your scope sheets, or you can use ours. 

Q: How much do you charge for estimates?

Please see our current pricing which is listed above.

Q: How much do you charge for membership?

Please see our current pricing which is listed above.

Q: How long do Empire Points (bonus points) last?

Empire points expire after 3 months. 

Q: Will you write our Xactimate estimates according to estimating guidelines set by Contractor Connection or other programs?

Yes. many of our estimators have worked closely with Contractor Connection and many other T.P.A.s so we can estimate according to their guidelines.

Q: Are your estimators certified?

Yes, our estimators hold a variety of certifications including NFIP, IICRC, HAAG, Xactware, and more.

Q: How do I order Xactimate Estimates?

Step 1:  Scope the job

Step 2:  Visit our order form and upload your scope

Step 3: Pay the required deposit

Q: Will I receive the Xactimate Estimate ESX?

Yes. Once the final invoice is paid, you will be provided with the Xactimate ESX.

Q: Will Empire Estimators review my scope for potential omissions?

Yes, we will collaborate with you to define the scope on any loss you send us.

Q: Will Empire Estimators include my company logo and letterhead on their Xactimate estimates?

Yes. We are your ghost writers. All estimates will have your company information listed in the header.

Q: What is a scope?

A scope is a detailed breakdown of the work needed and activities required to complete a job. A scope will include a drawing with measurements, individual identification of the work to be performed, and quantities of materials or labor.

Q: Why should I write Xactimate Estimates?

If you are in the restoration industry, you need to use Xactimate estimates because (1) insurance adjusters use Xactimate, which makes it easier to reach negotiated agreements, and (2) restoration contractors who use Xactimate estimates can help maximize profits on insurance restoration projects.