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Xactimate Estimating Services Designed For Insurance Restoration Enterprises

The Best Service. The Best Rates. The Best Team.

-The Empire Club

The Xactimate Estimating Bottlenck

Writing Xactimate estimates in-house inevitably leads to estimating delays, the effects of which stifle the growth of your entire company, resulting in cash flow problems, employee retention issues, poor customer service, and more.

We get it. We’ve been there. All of our clients that we work with have gone through the same pains. Here’s the good news: 

We have a system that can help you.

The Empire System™

The Empire System™ is our Three-Pillar Xactimate Estimating System that will help your restoration business streamline Xactimate estimating so you get your Xactimate estimates written quickly and accurately, so you can focus on growing your restoration business!

Pillar 1: Dedicated Estimators

With your dedicated estimating team, you’ll receive superior service, consistent turnaround, and same day responsiveness.  

All of our Xactimate estimators are all highly experienced in the insurance restoration industry, and come from a diversity of experiences, which will ensure you get fast, accurate Xactimate estimating for all your projects. 

Pillar 2: Our Estimating Process

Send us the scope and we’ll write the estimate. We can write the estimate in what we call The Empire Style, which is a professional format we developed in-house, or if you have a preferred format, we can use that instead.

If you need estimates written according to specific estimating guidelines, we can handle that also.

Estimates are normally returned to our clients by email within 1-2 business days. Same day turnaround is available on a case-by-case basis.

Revisions are included at no additional charge.

The “Empire Style”

Pillar 3: Estimate Management

The ordering process is simple and easy. Once the order is placed, the project will be organized in our estimate management system where you can easily keep track of all your projects.

Problem Solved

Ultimately, we have a system that will get your Xactimate estimates written quickly and accurately, so you can eliminate estimating bottlenecks and maximize your business’s potential!

Client Testimonials

“Ryan has been amazing. As an experienced estimator myself I came to this company because of a project that exceeded my skill. Ryan not only promptly assisted but provided such stellar service the estimate was above reproach. The professionalism and results warrant 6 stars, if that were an option.”

-Ali from Florida
 “I highly recommend Empire Estimators. I’ve used them for Xactimate estimating several large loss projects and their estimators have always delivered. Thank you for being a great asset to my business!”
-Joseph from New York

“When this business gets really tough, or an expert is the only way, I can always count on Empire to hit the homerun.”

-Kristi from California

“Helping my business like crazy, thanks for the support. Ryan is a rockstar, accurate, sharp and good people.”

-Aron from New Jersey

“I purchased an estimate from them that came in several thousand over the adjuster report and is in the process of approval. The adjuster said that only one item is in question and is a code verification issue. I am amazed at the speed at which EE processed my estimate and have started my second claim with them. Thank you for being a great asset to our company!!”

-DeWayne from Washington State

“Incredibly Fast & Great work” From day one Empire Estimators were immediately on the estimate. They made a lucrative job for us and in only ONE DAY!  This is a no-brainer, I will use Empire Estimators from now on.”

-Rob from Oregon

“Amazing experience… very professional work.. work done on time.”

-Marcela from California

Empire Plans

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Annual Plan

From $50Per Estimate

  • Enterprise Rates
  • $50 Minimum or 1%
  • Next Day Service
  • 20 Deposits Included*
  • $1997 Annually

Monthly Plan

From $50Per Estimate

  • Enterprise Rates
  • $50 Minimum or 1%
  • Next Day Service
  • 5 Deposits Included*
  • $497 Monthly

Detailed Pricing Breakdown

7-Day 100% Refund Guarantee

Applies to all new Empire Club Membership purchases. If you don’t like membership for any reason, we will provide a total refund (less the value of any estimate points used).

Definitions and Empire Plan Policies

Priority Turnaround

Priority Turnaround is 1-2 Business Days.

Empire Club Member projects have priority before non-member estimating projects.


Empire Plan Subscription

The Empire Plan will be renewed on a recurring basis unless otherwise specified.


Empire Plan Cancellation

If you wish to cancel your Empire Plan for any reason, email support@empireestimators.com with your request.

We do not offer refunds for cancellation requests made after a subscription payment or after the trial period.

Upon membership cancellation, any accrued bonus points will be voided.


Estimate Credits, Large Losses, and Final Balances 

Estimate credits apply to deposits only.

*Additional payment may be required if the estimated amount exceeds the amount covered by the deposit.

*Additional deposit(s) may be required on large losses.

More Success Stories

“2nd straight loss using Empire Estimators and I feel like I have my own Xactimate department. I would have to pay an estimators salary AND the subscription to Xactimate to accomplish this daunting, intimidating task. This was a very large commercial water loss and took two truck mounted extractors and 8 hours in the middle of the night to accomplish! I did not even worry about the estimate but got a head start on the sketch this time. I wanted to be “that guy” who tells Mr. Adjuster, “Don’t measure and sketch this 8,000 square foot, 25 plus room commercial building, I’ll do it and ESX the file to you. Go spend your time with your family Mr. Adjuster.” Mr. Adjuster was stunned. I had all the confidence in the world Empire Estimators could do it and do it quick! I logged in and paid the initial small fee and the $25.00 for expedited service. I also stated I worked with Ryan on the last loss and guess who contacted me within 30 minutes of submitting my information….YES, Ryan “My Guy” Sanders! If he were in front of me, I would hug him! He saved the day on the last loss, and I gave him a real challenge this time. I sketched the huge building and layout and starting feeding information. Now, my sketch on graph paper looked like my 6 year old did it and Ryan knocked it out of the park! I emailed the ESX file to Mr. Adjuster as I said I would and Mr. Adjuster stated, “You saved me 10 hours of work, thank you”. What a way to start the restoration company v. adjuster relationship! A couple of add-ons and subtractions and boom, the estimate was done and submitted for payment. Could not do it without you guys! Well, I could, but would lose time and money, and we all know where that leads us! Empire and Ryan are the best ever and we are clients FOREVER! THANK YOU!”

-Mike from Minnesota

“Great and professional services! Insurance company paid right away and didn’t hesitate after I sent this estimate in.”

-Heather from California

“I’ve tried several online estimating companies. Empire was the only one that communicated effectively and delivered on-time.”

-Larry from Florida

“Xactimate is the tool we use in our office to write estimates. Usually we would have a secretary create the estimates in-house. I chose to send Empire Estimators a scope to see what they could do. On the first one we sent them, they found $300 in charges that we had left out. The estimate was only $99. A great trade any day. The time alone that they have saved our secretaries is well worth the money.”

-Rudy from New York

“I have to say these guys are fantastic. On occasion I have had clients with insurance claims who have Public Adjuster’s who need estimates written for their damages. Each referral that I’ve made has had positive results. I have also had estimates written to repair damages in residential properties that I have had listed for sale. I have worked with several of their estimate writers and each has delivered in a timely fashion as advertised. I highly recommend.”

-Terrass from Georgia

“So glad that I found Empire Estimators. I’ve tried other companies out there and I found that they over-promised and under-delivered. Empire’s customer service is amazing, and ever since I’ve been using them, I’ve been making 18% more money on mitigation jobs. You have a customer for life.”

-Ralph from Pennsylvania

“I used Empire Estimators while on CAT duty in the Northeast for the winter storms of 2015. Their ordering process is really simple and intuitive. Their turnaround is great. Revisions were made promptly. With their help, I was able to close over 20 claims per week without breaking a sweat. I will definitely use them again.”

-Keaton from South Carolina

“Even as a seasoned professional in this business (25+ years) I never knew how much money I was leaving on the table. Empire Estimators has helped me make thousands of dollars in just the past few months. I highly recommend these guys. Use them and you will not be disappointed.”

-Michael from Connecticut 

“After having a customer question the amount of his water restoration invoice, we decided to have our in-house invoice run through Xactimate. We wanted to be sure our charges were appropriate. Empire explained the process to me over the phone and via his webinar. I also had questions immediately answered with the “Live Chat” feature on the website. They walked me through the process step by step. Ernest completed our estimate and we received it earlier than promised. He itemized our services and verified we had charged the correct amounts. In actuality, the services we [they] provided, should have been billed out for $600.00 more. We will definitely use Empire Estimates again.”

-Tim from Ohio

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